Twitter Blue will be relaunching on Monday with a price of $11 per month on iOS

Following a first unsuccessful attempt during paid account verification, Twitter will begin rolling out its revamped Blue subscription on December 12, the company announced Saturday. Twitter originally launched blue verification for iOS devices in early November for $8 a month, but the company halted the rollout after the platform was overrun by verified trolls. On Saturday, the company also confirmed the service will cost $11 per month when users subscribe directly through its iOS. On the web, where Apple’s 30% commission on in-app purchases does not apply, the subscription will cost $8 per month, as previously announced.

Additionally, the company says it has put new measures in place to prevent what happened last month from happening again. To start, users who wish to display a blue tick on their profile will need to register with a phone number after subscribing to the service. Twitter adds that subscribers can change their username, display name and profile picture after getting verified status, but the company will temporarily remove their blue check mark while it reviews their account. “We’ve added a review step before applying a blue check mark to an account as one of our new steps to combat impersonation (which is against Twitter’s rules,” the chief said. of Twitter product Esther Crawford in a separate wire.

As before, Twitter says Blue subscribers will get access to a handful of other features later, including the ability to post longer videos and see fewer ads. Meanwhile, other benefits of Twitter Blue include the ability to edit tweets and upload 1080p videos.

Next week, Twitter will also start rolling out the new Elon Musk gold and gray checkmarks. announced on November 25, starting with the first for companies. Later this week, the company plans to start rolling out the latter to government and “multilateral” accounts. Callsigns will replace the “officiallabel the company briefly experimented with after launching paid account verification.

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