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Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2023: Ethel Cain, Nonso Amadi, Armani White, Pajel,

Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2023: Ethel Cain, Nonso Amadi, Armani White, Pajel,

MBW presents four more artists to watch from VEVO 2023…

Ethel Cain

James Mecker, Director, Music Programming: “When you’re a fan of music, you’re always looking for fresh, uncompromising voices and no one embodies that spirit better than Ethel Cain. She forces the music world to pay attention to her rural little world and her daring debut album combines dream pop, Americana and ambient to create an utterly unique experience that only scratches the surface of the strange new places she takes us to. will take her into the future, which is why we’re proud to call her an artist to watch in 2023.”

Ethel Cain: “It’s exciting to be part of a program that helped me discover so many high school artists that I still listen to today – and now I’m a part of it. It’s a cool experience to be able to share my music with my fans in a way they’ve never heard it before on record.

not so amadi

Toney EL, Associate Director, Music Programming: “The African Diaspora has spread the continent’s music around the world, blurring the lines between genres and transcending borders. Toronto-based Nigerian artist Nonso Amadi, who bridges the gap between traditional R&B and Afropop fans, is a perfect example.

“Creating a precedent in the bubbling Afro-R&B scene, Nonso fuses tantalizing African instrumentation, soothing vocals, introspective songwriting and memorable melodies. The sound of Nonso Amadi, amplified by the cross-current support of Universal music Canada, Def Jam Records and Universal Music Nigeria, make it impossible to ignore in 2023.”

Nonso Amadi: Being an artist to watch means a lot to me. It’s a chance to show people Afro-rnb and my way of seeing music. I’ve always wanted to be a bridge connecting African music to the rest of the world and this is an opportunity to continue building that bridge with VEVO’s international audience.

armani white

Jordan Ferree, Manager, Artist & Label Relations: “Having spent the past few years perfecting his craft, Armani White has shown the world exactly what a dynamic artist looks like. His lively storytelling is earnest and energetic. Whether he’s freestyling while having his hair braided or shining on our DSCVR stage, he leaves nothing on the table. The rising MC has lived many lives, and none without adversity. We can’t wait to see which one unfolds as it becomes the star it was destined to be.

White Armani: “VEVO Artists to Watch used to be one of those platforms that almost always calls the next stars early. To be a part of it is an honor and a challenge that I gratefully accept.


Anna Allertz, Senior Manager, Talent & Label Relations, Germany: Pajel has been celebrated for some time as the quintessential newcomer to German rap and was able to deliver one of Germany’s biggest songs of the year in 2021. 10von10 achieved Gold status and subsequently established rappers Luciano and Headie One jumped on the remix of the track. After the successful release of his Seelenfried EP earlier this year, I have no doubt that 2023 will be Pajel’s breakthrough year and I’m very happy to have him in our annual DSCVR Artists To Watch program.

Pajeel: “I am so grateful to be a part of the Vevo DSCVR format, a format that has already had some great guest appearances. Much love to VEVO and thank you for the support.The music industry around the world

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