‘Violent Night’ takes flight, in another doldrums movie weekend (NYSE:DIS)

from Marvel (New York stock market :SAY) Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reigned for a fourth consecutive weekend at the cinema box office, although a holiday-themed action-comedy sought to use a pre-Christmas downturn as a challenge.

The Black Panther suite lost more than 61% of last week’s business landed at $17.5 million, good enough for a fourth-plus weekend, and bringing its national total to $393.7 million – making it the third-highest figure ever. National Business of the Year, with Another Marvel Film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in view at No. 2 ($411.3 million gross).

wakanda forever added an additional $339.3 million internationally to reach a worldwide total of $733 million.

This cannot be said for Disney (SAY) strange world, which failed with a Thanksgiving weekend opening, then gave up another 58% of its catch on a second weekend. It only attracted $5.1 million and its cumulative domestic total reached $25.7 million.

It was surpassed by Universal (NASDAQ:CMCSA) Violent night, which grossed $13.5 million in nearly 3,700 theaters. The film stars David Harbor from Stranger Things as Santa Claus foiling a Christmas mansion heist.

The menu (SAY) with $3.5M, and Devotion (New York stock market :SONY), with $2.7 million. But as those numbers indicate, the industry’s weekend box office landed at just under $53 domestically, one of the worst weekends of the year – with little relief on the schedule until Avatar: The Way of the Water (SAY) arrives on December 16.

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