‘Wargroove 2’ will let you command pirates and giant squids on Switch and PC

After a long drought, Advance Wars-style strategy games are enjoying something of a resurgence. Nintendo will release Advance Wars 1+2 Reboot Camp, a remake of the two Game Boy Advance games that launched the series. It turns out that strategy fans can also expect a new title, with publisher Chucklefish announcing a sequel to the Advance Wars-inspired game starting in 2019.

Wargroove 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but when the game is ready it will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via . This time around Robotality, a studio best known for its 2019s work , takes care of the development tasks. According to Wargroove 2 Steam page, the sequel will feature new factions and units for players to command, as well as three single-player campaigns to complete. Chucklefish also promises a roguelike mode. Additionally, the game will come with an improved level editor that will allow players to create their own maps, cutscenes, and campaigns.

If you haven’t played the original game yet, Groove of War is actually . This is the biggest discount Chucklefish has ever offered on the game.

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