Weatherman Umbrellas Are On Sale Now

Spring is almost on us, which means we’re about to see a lot of rain. “April showers bring May flowers,” after all. It’s time to stock up on rain gear, especially umbrellas. Good news! The Weatherman brand of umbrellas tested by WIRED is offering 25 percent off on select styles and colors until April 1st.

Below we’ve highlighted the discounts on our favorite Weatherman umbrellas, which are among our favorite umbrellas overall. Guide to the best umbrellas. We’ve also included a few other umbrella deals from other brands, as well as other rainwear gear. For more options, see our Guide to the best rain jackets.

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Best Weatherman Umbrella Deals

After spending almost two years testing Weatherman umbrellas, we can confidently say that the brand offers the best quality for the money. You will also receive a lifetime warranty with your purchase from the company’s site, which means they will repair any damage or replace the umbrella for you.

Weatherman Travel Umbrella

Photography: Meteoman

The travel umbrella is our favorite umbrella. It can open and close automatically (easy to juggle multiple items while using it), it’s sturdy and durable and dries quickly. With a 38-inch canopy, it’s a one-person umbrella, but it’s compact and lightweight. You could store a bluetooth tracker in the included zipper pouch, which is useful for those who tend to lose their umbrella often.

If the aforementioned umbrella is too small, go for The Stick. In addition to a larger 44-inch canopy, it has a large arched dome to better protect you from the rain. It resists strong winds by letting them circulate through its ventilated canopy. Like the Travel Umbrella, The Stick has an automatic opening function at the press of a button, but you will have to close it manually.

It’s a great option if you’re looking for an umbrella that’s a little smaller than The Stick but just as capable. With a 40-inch canopy, it’s more travel-friendly but has the same ability to withstand high winds, and you can squeeze someone else down below with you. It has an automatic opening function and manual closing.

Other great deals on umbrellas and rainwear

Certain Standard The Big Umbrella

Photography: Certain Standard

Julian Chokkattu, editor of WIRED, says it’s his favorite umbrella, especially because it’s light (1 pound), roomy and pretty. The 46-inch canopy comfortably covers two people and the Portuguese cork handle is comfortable to hold, and it’s smooth to open and close manually. It comes in a variety of fun colors including pink, yellow, teal, and red.

It’s not the biggest discount, but if you want a clear umbrella that also looks cute, this is our top pick. Made of polyethylene, eight fiberglass ribs and a steel shaft, it holds up well to strong winds and heavy rain. The canopy diameter of 38 inches is large enough to protect you and a backpack. And, since it’s clear, it won’t block your vision while you’re underneath.

REI Co-op Rainier Rain Jacket

Photography: REI

It was already our favorite affordable rain jacket, and now it’s on sale again. We particularly recommend it for travel or occasional day hikes. It features high-quality laminated waterproofing, recycled nylon, ventilation zippers, a weather-resistant center zipper and an adjustable, packable hood. Its seams are also sealed to prevent water from entering. This jacket dropped to $45 in January, but it’s still a bargain.

The Whistler Windbreaker received an honorable mention in our Guide to the best rain jackets for its design details. The lightweight jacket features a durable water repellent (DWR) application to prevent water from soaking the jacket as well as self-healing HiloTech fabric. So if you have small holes in the fabric, you can fix them by simply rubbing it with your fingertips.

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