Where to find jobs with login bonuses

Amid a tight labor market, many employers continue to look for ways to address staffing shortages and attract potential recruits to the job market.

While some are using creative perks or work-from-home options to recruit, others are hoping to attract employees quickly with immediate cash in the form of a signing bonus.

Many notable large companies offer signing bonuses — from $300 as a shift manager at McDonald’s to $3,000 as a customer service representative at AT&T and up to $10,000 as a baggage handler at United.

The amount of hiring bonuses varies considerably from company to company and changes. But a quick browse through a company’s career page can show you what’s available. Here’s what we found.

18 companies offering jobs with hiring bonuses

Some of the more notable companies offering hiring bonuses include:

  1. AT&T
  2. United Airlines
  3. Amazon
  4. Sysco
  5. McDonald’s
  6. SVC
  7. walmart
  8. Marriott
  9. Wegman
  10. fedex
  11. Leaf through
  12. hilton
  13. Alaska Air
  14. Verizon
  15. Omni
  16. Comcast
  17. Transit systems
  18. Local and state governments


The communications giant has thousands of positions available at any given time, and many come with a nice hiring bonus. Some examples include $3,000 for a customer service representative, $3,000 for inbound call center sales, and typically $5,000 for installation techniciansalthough some locations offer $10,000.

United Airlines

United Airlines is currently offering significant signing bonuses for even the lowest-paying jobs, like up to $10,000 for part-time baggage handlers. Other positions with signing bonuses are $10,000 for a facility maintenance engineer and an aircraft maintenance engineer.


The retail giant regularly offers hundreds of positions with signing bonus, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. Typical opportunities include airline associate, distribution center warehouse associate, and delivery station warehouse associate.


The catering company also offers many signing bonuses with its jobs. The Sysco career page shows a CDL delivery truck driver with a $3,750 bonus, plus a warehouse order picker – no experience required! – with a $5,000 signing bonus.


Working for Les Arches d’Or can come with a financial boost if you apply for the right jobs in the right places. Many job offers $100-$1000 Login Bonusincluding department heads, shift supervisors, maintenance crew and members of the morning set-up crew.


CVS offers a range of jobs with bonuses – including $10,000 for a truck driver with a CDL, $5,000 for a Medicare field sales representative, $5,000 for a service technician and $1,000 for a health advocate . (Pro Tip: Use “bonus” as your search term on the Jobs.)


Walmart doesn’t offer many bonuses right now – apart from amazing bonuses for pharmacists — but hiring bonuses include $1,000 for pharmacy technicians, $1,000 for an optician position and $2,000 for a maintenance technician.


The hospitality industry has been in desperate need of workers since the pandemic, and Marriott is no exception. The giant hotel company has positions around the world that offer signing bonuses — like $1,000 for a night listener, $500 for a housekeeper, and $500 for a front desk agent.


This grocery chain with 109 locations, many of which are in the northeast, currently offers $1,500 signing bonuses for a variety of jobs, including warehouse worker, distribution associate, and warehouse order picker. Other bonuses include $500 for Overnight Storekeeper and Overnight Associate. If you have a CDL, Wegmans is offering up to $10,000 in hiring bonuses for related positions.


The global delivery company also recently jumped on the signing bonus bandwagon. Jobs with login bonuses include $1,000 for forklift operators, retail customer service associates and maintenance technicians.

Leaf through

This East Coast-based convenience store chain currently offers several jobs with signing bonuses ranging from $500 for regular team members to $1,000 for supervisors.


Like Marriott, Hilton is an international hotel chain with lots of job opportunities. Depending on the location, jobs with hiring bonuses of $300 to $1,000 include customer service agent, housekeeping, waiter, steward, banquet captain and more.

Alaska Air

United isn’t the only airline jumping on the bandwagon. Alaska Air also provides opportunities for potential candidates who live in the northwest. Positions include a Ground Service Agent with a $2,500 bonus, a Ground Support Technician position offers a $2,000 bonus, and a Warehouse Agent position offers $1,000.


Verizon currently has hundreds of positions across the country with very nice signing bonuses. They offer $2,500 for a variety of positions, such as retail salesperson and retail sales representative. Higher bonuses of $10,000 come into play for account managers.


Another chain of hotels with quite a few jobs with signing bonuses is Omni Hotels and Resorts. They run the gamut from $250 for a cook and accountant; $400 for a groom; $500 for a security guard, a bartender, a pastry chef and a housekeeping attendant; $750 for a maintenance engineer and an HVAC technician; and $2,000 for a banquet cook.


The telecommunications giant has many opportunities across the country. They currently have signing bonuses for sales professionals ($2,000), installation technicians ($1,500) and retail professionals ($2,000), and hundreds more.

Local transit systems

Transport companies across the country need bus drivers. Auburn University in Alabama is currently offering a $1,500 signing bonus. A bus driver position in New Bethel, Pennsylvania offers a $3,000 bonus, and a part-time bus driver job in Seattle offers a $5,000 bonus. Portland, Oregon’s transit system TriMetcurrently offering $7,500 in signing bonuses for bus drivers – no CDL required.

Local and state governments

Governments also publish many positions with signing bonuses. Glendale, Arizona is offering a $2,000 bonus for a water service technician position. The state of Colorado will pay up to $12,000 in bonuses to correctional officers. The Nebraska Department of Transportation is offering a $4,000 bonus to diesel technicians and $2,500 to snowplow drivers. And Porter, East Texas pay premiums of $2,000 for youth mental health specialists.

Robert Bruce is a lead writer for The Penny Hoarder.

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