“White males and white male racism are to blame for climate change” – RedState

Jane Fonda received a helmet. She had visited a number of North Vietnamese propaganda photo ops, one of the latest being an anti-aircraft battery. The communist propagandists were delighted when she happily took the headgear and sat happily and looked through the gun’s iron sights. Click, click, click cameras. Fonda was yelling with his masters. She smiled throughout her visit. One of the photos depicted her with her fingers in her ears and her shoulders arched. Oh, loud noises. Americans dying. All good fun. Click click continued cameras. This last photo framed his skillful visit. Hanoi Jane was born.

Six months after making propaganda for the Communists, Operation Linebacker began. North Vietnam was returned to the negotiating table. Forty-three American airmen would die and another 49 taken prisoner during the 12 days of December 1972. Hanoi Jane’s AA Battery might well have killed Americans. Whether his efforts gave North Vietnam oxygen by abandoning negotiations in the summer and fall of 1972 is debatable, but it is indisputable that it did not help America’s efforts to negotiate the end of the war. Although Fonda has since claimed that she was tricked into posing for political propaganda, most Vietnam veterans hate her with the warmth of a thousand suns.

Fifty-one years later, Jane Fonda remains a deeply polarizing and fundamentally absurd personality. Fittingly, she was a guest on TV’s most absurd show, “The View,” and suggested that those who believe in life should lose their lives. In March, Fonda said pro-lifers should be murdered. Fonda, whose face is more plastic than that of Nancy Pelosi, offered a solution consistent with a “final solution”: to execute the opposition. Fonda is opposed to the death penalty, but would gladly weed out those who think killing a baby is wrong.

Kira Davis framed it Thus:

Host Sonny Hostin laughed, saying it was Fonda’s “activist” coming out. Veteran host Joy Behar agreed and then asked the ‘Grace and Frankie’ star what could be done besides marching and protesting.

“Well, I thought about murder,” Fonda replied through heated conversation between the women on the panel. When Tomlin asked her to repeat her statement, Fonda confirmed.


As “The View” panel laughed, Behar stepped in to reassure the audience. Fonda was only joking, suggesting right-wing watchdogs might pick up on the comment and “run away with it.”

If you thought the octogenarian was done puking leftwing bromides, she wasn’t. Fonda was interviewed at the Cannes Film Festival last Friday and said men – especially white men – are responsible for climate change.

The Fonda Method channeled Greta Thunberg and AOC at the same time and claimed the world was on the brink. She said The Earth has “about seven, eight years” to halve the consumption of fossil fuels. AOC said the world will end in 12 yearsfour years ago, so she and Fonda are on the same page.

Sporting a blue-tinted granny hairstyle, Fonda lamented “poor people of color” and claims:

“It’s good for all of us to realize that there would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy,” she reportedly said. “A mindset that sees things hierarchically. White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] basically.”

“So when I say I’m fighting the climate crisis, I also feel like I’m fighting patriarchy and racism. It’s important because we have to get out of the silos — feminists here, ecologists here. This is what I learned when I started to act around the Vietnam War. The more you study any problem, the more you realize that everything is connected. And if we solve the climate crisis and we haven’t solved these other problems, we’re going to be in trouble.

Bizarre, given that the biggest polluter on planet Earth is Vietnam’s immediate neighbor, China. Not a lot of white guys leading the communists in the People’s Republic.

Fifty-one years ago, Hanoi Jane was simping for coconuts in North Vietnam. Now she simpie for the Communists in China. Smile for the cameras, Jane. Communist China loves you, Jane! Smile! It’s Memorial Day weekend.

Click, click click.

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