Your December 2022 horoscope: what to expect from your travels this month, according to your sign

On December 9, Mercury and Venus entered Capricorn, your seventh house of relationships, slowly bringing you out of hiding and into more social settings. When the planets pass through Capricorn, you can’t help but be drawn to spending time with those you love, which is perfect for the holidays ahead. From family meals to reunion with friends from high school and college, you are reminded of all the amazing relationships you have had in your life, which speaks to your character. If you’re in a relationship, romantically or platonically, now is a great time to start thinking about traveling with your loved one in 2023 – a couples getaway is definitely in the cards for next year. The only question is: what’s on your to-do list?

Lin Chen

Leo Ascendant

You start December wanting to have fun after a difficult season of change and uncertainty. Luckily, Sagittarius season tends to be an entertaining time of year for you. As the Sun (your ruler) moves into the sign of the archer, you direct your attention to exploration and experimentation with pleasure and creativity. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini has sparked some activity within your community or social media, and that will be especially true as a full moon sheds light on this area of ​​your life on Wednesday, December 7. Although you may meet new friends, especially while traveling, you also become very aware of the similarities and differences within you. Where are you from and how is it going culture and its traditions different from where you are now? What can you learn from these contrasts? While you know differences can be celebrated, be honest with yourself about what works (or doesn’t) for you. Be careful not to get involved in conflicts between friends or colleagues at this time as well. Ask yourself: are you able to help in a meaningful way? Otherwise, let others sort things out themselves. The tensions will subside after the full moon intensity passes, but don’t be surprised if you ponder the dynamics for a while, as you would expect with retrogrades – sometimes the things they conjure up take a long time to process.

As you gallivant with friends or enrich your relationships, consider new destinations to travel to next year that will foster your creativity. What cultures of art, craftsmanship or architecture appeal to you? Maybe there are even arts programs or overseas retreats it could help advance your craft. Jupiter will enter Aries on Tuesday, December 20 and stay there until May 15, illuminating your ninth house of foreign travel, providing opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture. Start planning now.

On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn, the mark of the winter solstice, and the season officially begins. This is a noticeable shift for you, someone ruled by the Sun, that brings you into a cooler, more work-oriented mood for the next 30 days. You may suddenly find yourself in heavy planning and strategy mode, thinking about all you have to accomplish during this calmer season. Expect to be curled up until you step back into the light in Aries Season, starting March 20, 2023. Now is the time to work hard so you can play hard in the spring.

Virgo Ascendant

You enter December still relatively housebound, but that won’t last too long. Sagittarius season tends to bring you back to your roots, whether you’re visiting family or your ancestral lands, there is a special kind of healing that can come from coming back and re-rooting at home, whatever that means to you. In early December, however, your focus shifts to creation, play, and joy as your ruling planet Mercury enters Capricorn on Tuesday, December 6, followed by Venus on December 9. What’s special about Mercury’s entry into Capricorn is that it will stay in the sign almost three times longer than usual (nine weeks versus three weeks) as it will retrograde in the sign on December 29. For you, this means an extended time focused on your creativity, joy, fun, and entertainment. What excites you? What makes you laugh uncontrollably? What stimulates your creativity? These are questions you will ponder over the next two months as you and Mercury slow down and spend time exploring.

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